10 Gardening Tools you Must Have

This is the first post in my gardening basics series where I will focus on the essential aspects of gardening for beginner gardeners. Gardening tools are essential for every gardener, and the right tools will save a lot of time and efforts. This is a list of some of the ‘must have’ tools which take care of the essential tasks of gardening. It is also important to keep your garden tools clean and well maintained to ensure durability.

gardening tools

Gardening Gloves

Yes gardening is a very gratifying hobby, but you need to protect your hands from the splinters, thorns and even insects. Keep a pair of sturdy gardening gloves handy and make sure you keep them clean and dry.  You can choose from a range of gloves starting from synthetic gloves, latex gloves and even leather ones for more heavy duty jobs.

Hand Trowel

Hand trowels are handy for little jobs of digging up the corners, planting herbs and even removing weeds. Go for stainless steel trowels for durability.

Hand Fork

This is another handy little tool which is great for weeding, planting smaller plants or dividing plants in a bed.

Hand weeder

Weeds are a recurring problem in every garden and sometimes, you need a specialist tool to deal with it. A hand weeder has a thin, sharp blade to removes surface weeds while the long handle allows you to dig deeper and take out weeds far into beds.


Spades are essential to dig up holes for plants and cleaning up heaps of soil from the garden. It’s a handy tool that is capable of multi tasking around the garden. Buy a spade with a strong steel head and a solid fiberglass handle. A sturdy spade will last you for years if you use it well and care for it regularly.


If your garden spans a large area, a wheelbarrow is a must. It is ideal to move around soil, heaps of mulch or garden tools and other stuff. Invest in a well made two handed wheelbarrow with a durable drum.

Leaf Rake

Fallen leaves around the garden are a cumbersome task to clean up. A leaf rake makes the job easier by cleaning away the raking leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and other light debris from lawns. You can go for a stainless steel or a even a plastic one if it is not likely to see heavy use.


This long handled tool is useful to reach the weeds from your thick garden vegetation and can prove handy with all the digging work. Choose a hoe to suit your particular garden- a sturdy and wide one for a vegetable garden and a thin headed hoe for delicate plants and flower beds.


Shears are essential for all the trimming work in your garden. You can elegantly cut away the grass around your garden fence, tree trunks and garden paths. It also is a good tool for cutting the ornamental grass or perennials.


Scissors are essential for cutting away the dried flowers, cutting soft stemmed plants and herbs, pruning jobs and snipping away at twines. Go for a stainless steel one with a spring action which is easier on the hands.

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